Important Dental Hygiene Overall Health

Importance of Dental Hygiene to Overall Health

Dental hygiene is more important than most people realise, and it goes a long way to maintaining overall health. Did you know that oral health paints a picture of the overall health of a person?

Basic oral and dental hygiene helps prevent bad breath and maintain healthy teeth. Observing the recommended dental health practices helps prevent conditions such as gum disease, dental cavities, and bleeding gums.

Further, dental hygiene and regular check-ups bolster overall health and enhances healthy social relations as well.

Why is dental hygiene essential to overall health? Please read on to find out how dental hygiene and overall health are related as we take a look at the following:

  • Digestive system diseases
  • Respiratory tract diseases
  • Pregnancy and childbirth complications
  • Heart diseases
  • Confidence and stress levels
  • Dental-related pain

Digestive System Diseases

The mouth is the entry point of everything that ends up in the digestive tract. While most of the bacteria that inhabit the mouth are harmless, the build-up of some bacteria can cause disease.

Good dental health practices, therefore, keep bacteria levels in check, preventing build-up that may be detrimental to your digestive tract.

Gastrointestinal conditions can affect your teeth also, so if you notice any problems with digestion or any other conditions such as ulcers, you need to be mindful of the effect on your teeth.

Respiratory Tract Diseases

The mouth is also an entry point for air that ends up in the lungs. With continued build-up, mouth bacteria may find its way into the respiratory tract. Diseases such as pneumonia are often associated with the presence of some bacteria in the lungs.

Maintaining dental hygiene and general oral hygiene may, therefore, help prevent respiratory diseases.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Complications

Pregnancy can affect your teeth due to an increase in hormones, which in turn affects how the body responds to plaque. Research has also established a connection between periodontitis, preterm childbirth, and low birth weight as well.

As such, dental practices such as proper brushing and flossing of teeth by pregnant women, therefore, help maintain healthy gums and teeth and prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis alike.

Heart Diseases

Poor oral and dental health also contributes to some heart diseases. Endocarditis, which is an infection of the inner lining of the heart’s chambers or valves, is one of the conditions associated with dental hygiene.

This condition occurs when bacteria and other germs from your mouth find their way into the bloodstream and attach to specific areas of the heart.

Cardiovascular disease is another condition of the heart that is linked to poor dental and oral hygiene.

Though the connection is not well understood, research has indicated that such heart diseases, stroke, and clogged arteries may occur as a result of infections and inflammation that oral bacteria cause.

As such, maintaining proper dental hygiene helps eliminate such bacteria and therefore averts such diseases of the heart.

Confidence and Stress Levels

Poor oral and dental care manifests over time. Gum diseases and tooth decay lead to bad breath, yellowing of teeth, and even loss of teeth. These conditions often impact confidence and cause insecurities about your appearance.

As a result, people may often stress over their dental appearance, which may affect their overall well-being.

Dental-related Pain

Most dental conditions and infections are characterised by pain. Dental cavities easily cause toothaches, which can be very painful. Conditions such as gingivitis may also cause gum pain and discomfort.

Severe toothaches may, in turn, cause chronic headaches and the inability to concentrate. Infection-related pain may lead to serious complications which may worsen the pain.

Maintaining proper dental hygiene helps prevent infections of the gum and development of cavities, therefore, preventing dental-related pain.

Dental hygiene is essential for healthy teeth, gums, and a smile. What’s more, dental hygiene bolsters overall health by preventing digestive and respiratory tract diseases, pregnancy complications, heart diseases, dental-related pain, and boosting confidence.

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