White Fillings

Our experienced team of dentists can help you decide on the best type of tooth filling material for you. We need to book you in for a consultation so we can identify the severity of the damage to the tooth and then we can recommend the fillings and the best material to have long-lasting benefits.

It’s important to address any signs of decay, cavities or cracks because if left neglected then these dental issues will become significantly worse and then potentially impact the surrounding teeth.

Dental fillings have evolved over time from the metal silver (amalgam) fillings to tooth-coloured white fillings (composite) which bond to the teeth. These fillings bond to the tooth structure providing strength without putting stress on the natural tooth therefore improving the longevity of the filling and life span of the tooth.

Tooth Fillings

Several filling materials are available and your dentist will explain the benefits of each one. But in general, it would be either a silver filling, white filling or a porcelain filling material.

White fillings are suitable dental treatment for many patients who are looking for tooth-coloured restorations. White fillings are also frequently used to replace amalgam fillings which are silver in colour. These fillings are bonded to the tooth.

White fillings

The procedure would involve numbing the tooth by using an anaesthetic, cleaning the decay and any other build up and then placing the dental filling material.
Fillings can last for years and years without a problem, but in some cases when they are overloaded or oral hygiene is not optimum, they can crack, break or even fall out. That’s why regular check-ups are required to keep a close eye on things and make the fillings last as long as possible.

Dental Fillings Taylors Lakes

If you believe that dental fillings can help your oral hygiene then contact our team at Gardens Dental and book in a consultation so we can help you regain your healthy confident smile.