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Dental Implant Surgery: What To Expect? 

Do you require dental implant surgery? Do you know what to expect and how it will help you and your smile? Please read below for more detail.

Dentistry has come a long way over the years, especially with the advent of technology. Most people these days will vouch for the fact that visits to the dentist are not nearly as uncomfortable as they used to be. 

These technological advancements are even more pronounced when it comes to procedures such as dental implant surgery

If you need a permanent solution for missing teeth, you can simply make use of dental implants. This is the most natural way to replace a gap in your teeth. 

Not only does it always stay in place, but it blends in perfectly with the remaining natural teeth. More importantly, the titanium screw fuses with the jawbone. 

This prevents the jawbone from going through changes due to bone density loss – which happens when a tooth is missing. 

Following is what you can expect with dental implant surgery.

The Consultation  

The first order of business is to talk with a specialist. It is important to discuss the best options for the given circumstances and what everything will potentially cost. 

And after sorting out the details and getting all the crucial information, it is time for the next step.  

The Evaluation 

Even though most candidates qualify for dental implants, there are certain exceptions. This is why a specialist will do a proper evaluation before going through with any type of surgery. 

They will need to establish whether the candidate has good oral healthOtherwise, a treatment cycle might be necessary before the surgery can happen. All of these things are addressed during the evaluation. 

Placing The Screw 

When the first phases are through, it is time for the actual surgery to take place. However, it should be noted that implants usually require more than one visit to the dentist. 

This is because the titanium screw needs to fuse with the jawbone first, which takes time. Only after the screw is ready and stable can the tooth be placed. 

The average waiting time for the jawbone to fuse with screw is several weeks. However, a more approximate time should be given by the specialist installing the implants.  

Placing The Tooth 

Placing the tooth is usually regarded as the second phase of the surgery. And as expected, the tooth is specifically moulded and created to appear natural. 

At no point will anyone be able to tell whether the tooth is authentic or not. Of course, every specialist will have a different approach in terms of fixing the tooth, but the end result remains the same. 

And from this point on, it is a matter of maintaining the implant with brushing, flossing, and annual visits to the dentist. 


Candidates that eventually get an implant will notice a slight discomfort at first. This can be expected given the titanium screw underneath the gumline. 

This acts like a typical root for the tooth and does not have any adverse effects, even after twenty years in the same place. All in all, you should prepare for more than one visit over the course of several weeks. 

However, after the final part of the surgery is finished, there should not be any problems with eating or smiling with confidence. 

New Technology Makes Implants More Convenient 

This is definitely not the first article about dental implants. Which means the techniques for the surgery have improved over time. 

For example, newer and smaller screws can be used. These are easier to place and join with the jawbone, and it only shows one of the many advancements already present in dentist clinics.

The risks are low, the solution permanent, and the final result is as natural as a fake tooth can get. Even though it is not an overnight procedure, those gaps can be filled fairly quickly by the right people.

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